Kenmore Dental Centre welcomes patients of all ages.

Caring for your dental health begins at a very early age. Parents are encouraged to bring young children in to familiarize themselves with the clinic. Initial examinations can be done from as early as 2 to 3 years of age, depending on your childs level of cooperation and development.

Our oral health therapist is especially great with children of all ages.

Our friendly team understand how intimidating a first visit can be for a child, and we aim to make it as minimally invasive and fun as possible. “Riding” in the dental chair and “watching tv” is very popular with the kids!

To make family appointments as short and hassle free as possible, we usually encourage mums and dads to make alternative times to have their own teeth checked and cleaned. We find that children soon become restless, and this may make it difficult for you to relax during your own appointment.