At Kenmore Dental Centre we welcome new patients for both emergency care and continuing dental care. If you are in pain, please let our friendly reception staff know so that we can make you an appointment ASAP to relieve your pain.

Comprehensive examinations at Kenmore Dental Centre (“check-ups”)

At Kenmore Dental Centre we believe that a thorough examination takes time. It is impossible to review your medical and dental history, examine your mouth and provide accurate advice in 15 minutes. Please expect your first comprehensive examination visit to take up to 90 minutes. You will initially spend time with your dentist, in which they will provide

  • Comprehensive consultation and review of your dental history
  • Analysis of your medical history and discussion how this can affect your oral health
  • Full oral examination for tooth decay, gum disease, soft tissue lesions and muscular imbalance
  • Examination for TMJ problems causing headaches, neck pain, discomfort.
  • Examination for disharmonious occlusion (bite)
  • Examination of your airways and breathing, and risk assessment for obstructive sleep aponea
  • Low exposure digital x-rays if required
  • Intraoral digital photography to show you any areas of concern
  • A full discussion about your current state of oral health, and choice in treatments for serious or chronic infections


You will then spend time with Emily Huynh our oral hygienist. Emily is specially trained to deliver tailored oral hygiene and dietary advice to achieve optimal oral health, and prevent the occurrence of dental problems.